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Jewels by Jules Vance

Over 17 years of jewelry design experience

I began this artistic journey because of my life changing experience with skin cancer. I was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer in two areas of my body. It was a severe diagnosis. Being a mother of three, this was a scary time. In order to cope with the painful recovery, I began beading as mental and spiritual therapy. I fell in love with gemstones and continuously researched their historical healing properties. I can now say, without a doubt, that starting on this quest has saved my life.  

Since the beginning, I have sought out for gemstones that make my clients feel unique. I work with the highest quality of lava, gemstones, crystals, pearls, wood, and metal. This LAVA YOURSELF collection is guaranteed to become a part of your daily life. I know that it has impacted my life in many incredible ways. 

Jules Vance, founder of Jewels by Jules Vance

Jules Vance, founder of Jewels by Jules Vance