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Aroma de Terra

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Jules from the Earth


Gemstones in deep Earth tones with a Palm wood connection bead

Jules of the Sea


Gemstones in blue & green tones of the ocean Palm Wood, Lava, Amazonite, Blue Jasper, Sodalite,

 Blue Agate  

Jules Around the World


 The stones in this bracelet circle the world. It is a collection of Agate, Jasper, Hematite, Quartz, Amazonite, Obsidian, Jade & Carnelian gemstones. 

Four Elements


 Fire, Earth, Air, Water - Palm Wood, Lava, Ice Flake Quartz, Tiger eye, Carnelian, Blue Jasper  (each bracelet will vary slightly in color due to each design is created with one-of-a-kind genuine gemstones